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Over 30 organisations search, compare and book their learning products on their own Springest Go platform. Allow registrations through Springest and access companies such as PostNL, ING and T-Mobile.

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More than 70.000 reviews give you the chance to show how good your learning products really are. Higher scores earn you a higher spot in Springests’ search rankings. OurOnze review tool & widget will help you out.


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Receive quote requests for incompany courses with Springests’ registration package. 82% of all quote requesters chooses a provider that responds through Springest.

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Reviews increase conversion on learning products
Research has shown that companies who actively collect reviews,verkopen met 18% zien stijgen. Our own research  – in cooperation with NIDAP – showed that 75% of all participants value the reviews left by others when choosing a course, training or other learning product.

On Springest, we see that courses with reviews receive 40% more leads on average. The higher the amount of (positive) reviews you have, the more you stand out. Our search ranking is partially determined by reviews as well as the top 10 position per-category.

To make collecting reviews easier, we’ve made a review tool & review widget.

Leeradviseurs helpen gebruikers bij het kiezen van een leerproduct, op basis van hun leerwens. Door de onafhankelijke positie van Springest kunnen onze leeradviseurs de gebruiker adviseren over het meest passende leerproduct. Dit gaat verder dan alleen de cursusinhoud – ook de match tussen gebruiker en aanbieder telt hierbij mee, net als de leerwens zelf.

Onze leeradviseurs kunnen, met uw kennis, gebruikers van verdere inhoudelijke informatie voorzien. Door gebruikers te voorzien van een onafhankelijk contactpersoon creëren we vertrouwen. Dat vertrouwen creëert conversie.

Lees meer over leeradviseurs en de vijf meest gestelde vragen die zij krijgen.


Leeradviseurs: conversie met onafhankelijk advies
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Incompany requests: made-to-measure for organisations

Incompany trainings mean the provider will train on location, often in the requesting party’s company. Incompany trainings are almost always custom built to the client’s wishes. Through Springest you can receive incompany requests.

82% of requests are ‘won’ by a provider who responds through Springest.Read more about incompany trainings.

Don’t take our word for granted

This is what our providers say about being on Springest.

As a practice-oriented provider with a focus on Facility management courses, it’s often difficult to get a seat at the table of large organisations. They often choose the relative ease of an end-to-end solution as a preferred supplier. We see this as a missed opportunity, because in our niché we offer courses with more value for the participant and the organisation. Through Springest we’re now in scope of large organisations who, in turn, gain access to a complete offer of specialty courses, without resulting in an increase of costs. On the contrary, in this way everybody wins.
Pieter Boeijing

Director, Possible Courses & Trainings

We’ve used Springest since a couple of years and are happy with the results. The service towards providers has only increased since. For every question we have a fitting contactperson. Marianne Pundt

Online Marketing Manager, German RTM

SRM was one of the first providers to do business with Springest. We started this adventure because we believe professionals need to be able to orient themselves well enough before starting a course or training, especially because of the time-and-money cost. Springest facilitates this orientation process in an incredibly clear and independent way. At SRM, we’re really happy with this. Rick van Midden

Marketing Manager, SRM

We came to Springest after researching additional marketing channels. Springest jumped forward because of the clear, good looking website with short steps to the training the user is looking for. Maintaining your offering is easy. Next to that, Springest really helps us by advising us on our findability and presence on the platform. Because a large amount of participants comes in through Springest, the platform has an enormous added value. Martijn van Weeghel

Founder, Easy-123

De Beste Provider of the Netherlands

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