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20.000+course reviews
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More visitors for your website, better rankings in Google, leads in your inbox, boost your brand and reputation with course reviews & distribution via our partner network

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More leads, more enrollments

We help the customer find you

Our platforms generate thousands of concrete leads each month.

We link to your website in a Google-friendly manner. Potential customers request information for specific courses or training programs.

You contact the prospect; meanwhile, we already send them a PDF brochure. 1 out of 5 people who request information, eventually enroll.

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Basic PackageClicksLeadsBookings

Advertise your institute and courses on the Springest internal pages. Bookings, lead requests and website links are not available.

Links are available for users to click through to your own website from the institute profile and course pages listed on Springest.

Receive request forms from interested course participants.

Receive a direct booking request form for your training course.

Free$ 1.50
per unique click based
on IP-address
of the corresponding course price / min. $ 5
commission of the corresponding course price
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In-company veiling

Carry out in-company courses

Companies submit open requests

With in-company training programs, the roles are reversed. Visitors looking for a specific training for their company tell us about their needs. Subsequently, we inform you and our other providers about the opportunity.

When you want to contact a particular prospect about their request, you can purchase the lead.

Showcase your brand

Use the exposure generated by our partnership packages to introduce yourself to our visitors

Category partnership

With a category partnership you claim the top spot within a particular category or subject. Additionally, you receive a discount on both leads and the subject partnership package outlined below.


Exclusive partner for a category page

Your logo on our homepage

20% discount on leads

20% discount on subject partnership

20% discount on bannering

Act fast and claim your category!Call us at +44 20 360 80 489

Subject partnership

Show our visitors you are the expert on a particular subject

With a subject partnership you are prominently featured on the main page for a particular subject. Via your logo and a short text you introduce your organisation to our visitors.

But that's not all: your banner will also appear on the pages for all training programs, courses, questions & answers and articles related to the subject.

Questions? Call us at +44 20 360 80 489 for more information

Course reviews

The ultimate sales generators

Our users post reviews when they've completed a course or training program. This way they help others make the right choice. For each review, we donate £1 to the Edukans Foundation.

As an educational provider, every review is a chance for you to advertize the quality of your programs.

Our research shows the importances of reviews. For example, training programs with just 1 review generate —on average— 3,82 x more leads than training programs without reviews.

Reviews: the ultimate sales generators
Free widget and personalized flyers

We help you gather reviews.

Free widget for your site.Our widget makes it easy for your students to submit their review via your website.

Free personalized flyers.We print and send you flyers to hand out to your students, free of charge.

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We spread your data

We use our network to advertize your training programs to an even greater audience. And you don't have to lift a finger.

Media partners

We have partnered up with several media platforms. These publishers integrate our course catalog into their websites, blogs and other services.

For you as a provider, this is a direct bonus in terms of coverage: when you publish your courses on Springest, they will automatically be featured on a multitude of relevant platforms.

Corporate learning platforms

Several companies manage their employees' professional training with Springest Go, our online learning catalog for organisations.

For you as a provider, this adds a dimension to your potential audience. Moreover, you gain the opportunity to build up relationships with established companies.

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